About InFocus

InFocus Services Provides

Supported Employment Services:

As Contracted Service Provider to Work BC and GT Hiring Solutions, we offer an extensive set of Employment Services to people with barriers to employment. Anyone legally able to work in BC and working less than 20 hrs. per week is eligible, at no cost.

Community Integration Services:

Our Community Integration Services specializes in supporting people with brain injuries to (re) integrate with friends and family, the community, independent living as well as day to day life skills and pre-employment preparation.

Counselling Services:

Clinical Counselling – Assisting with issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, substance abuse, life-planning, and family counselling.

Vocational Counselling – Assistance with developing viable, realistic vocational goals and plans.


InFocus Services History

InFocus was originally created primarily to serve the rehabilitation needs of individuals recovering from traumatic brain injury and other similar debilitating injuries. Our business has grown to include employment assistance for adults with disabilities and clinical counseling services to help with adjustment to injury issues.

InFocus Services Beliefs

At InFocus, we believe that every individual has the right to determine the course of his or her life to the best of their ability. We believe that non-invasive, timely support and assistance can make a difference towards achieving successful reintegration into the community socially and vocationally.

 InFocus Services Delivery Goals

Our InFocus Services Delivery Goals in providing service to clients are:

To Obtain and Sustain Satisfying and Rewarding Careers / Employment for People with barriers to Employment.

To improve and maintain overall quality of life

To achieve the highest possible level of independence and reintegration for each client at home, school, work and throughout the community

To build on strengths and newly acquired skills to maintain and enhance progress

To collaborate with other members of a client ’s care team to enhance best outcomes

To operate professionally, ethically, and responsibly at all times having the client’s best interest at the forefront of all decisions