Community Support Work

Community Support & Integration

This can be defined as “whatever it takes”, on the ground, with the client, to achieve goals that have been set with the client and the care team. This service can include needs assessment, advocacy, case management, housing support, life skills coaching, workshops, supervised fitness programs, monitoring of medication use and ongoing health issues.


InFocus works with the client, appropriate professionals, family and loved ones to determine the client’s goals, needs and capabilities. During this process, individual program plans are agreed upon. Progress is then monitored and plans are modified to meet changing progress and building on strengths and newly acquired skills. Plans include ways to maximize community integration and independence strategies to compensate for cognitive, physical, vocational and psychosocial challenges and barriers.


InFocus works with clients and their families to ensure they are receiving all the supports and services available to them in the community. With our extensive ground level knowledge of services, we can usually direct clients quickly and efficiently to the most appropriate services. This can be timely and an effective way to cut through red tape and achieve fast, immediate benefits to clients. Advocacy services can include applying for pensions, disability benefits, procurement of ID, and helping clients find appropriate medical care

Case Management, Consultation and Coordination

Individual program plans are developed, implemented and monitored based on client needs and interests and in collaboration with all members of her or his family and care team. Plans include specifics for coordination of delivery of services by acting as the central point of contact for the concerned parties involved.

Crisis Intervention

When individuals are first injured, their lives can be somewhat shattered, leaving them very vulnerable and sometimes at risk. The InFocus team prides itself on “meeting people where they are” sometimes in hospitals, jails, detox centers and homeless shelters. We work with them to gradually build on success and strengths to move to stability within a harm reduction model.

Housing Support

The InFocus team assists individuals to find the best possible housing suited to their needs. We advocate on their behalf to ensure they have safe, affordable, supportive living environments. Our network of “on the ground” contacts can often be helpful in locating housing for challenging clients. If needed, we help with the actual physical move, arranging personnel for the move and for cleaning and storage of goods.

Life Skills Coaching

The InFocus team is able to provide instruction in time management, organizational strategies, budgeting, shopping and meal preparation. We provide guidance and supported feedback to clients in social, community and vocational settings. We encourage and assist with social reintegration and community involvement such as participating in recreational and fitness activities and teach appropriate behaviour in social situations such as while shopping or having coffee. Our staff also monitors substance abuse behaviours as needed.