Discovering Your Potential Series

In this 7-week series, participants will complete 6 assessments that will enhance their understanding of themselves and individual goals, skills and abilities. This knowledge will result in identifying an employment goal that will be attainable and sustainable. At the end of 7 weeks the participant will receive a certificate of completion that can be incorporated into their resume. *Participants must attend all sessions to receive the certificate.*

Start dates are ongoing

Assessment 1: Discovering Your Learning Style

This seminar will enable the job seeker to identify their personal learning style and will provide information on how knowledge is learned, how tasks are most easily absorbed and how to communicate effectively with others. Knowing your learning style is always useful in finding and keeping employment that is “the right fit”.

Assessment 2: Essential Skills

Using the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT – 4), this session will highlight participants’ skill levels with essential things such as: reading, writing, spelling, using numbers, and oral communication. The learning outcome is self-knowledge about essential skills and clear steps to improve in specific areas as needed. We will also examine work environment preferences.

Assessment 3: Matching Values and Interests

This session builds on the previous one and helps participants identify their most important reasons for wanting to work and an understanding of their ideal work environment. A Values assessment from the Customized Employment Certification designed by Annette Borrows regarding knowing if your interests and values match for various job titles is a useful step in narrowing the list and identifying a viable, sustainable, long-term employment goal. This session will clearly identify three areas of interest and will match these with employers in the Capital Region.

Assessment 4: Career Interests

This seminar will assess career interests using the Holland Codes. Participants will identify their strongest career interests and jobs that most closely match their interests. We will also investigate the Canadian NOC codes and look at the skills that are needed for each job.

Assessment 5: Personality Dimensions

Understanding yourself is an important first step to successful employment. This assessment builds on previous assessment topics to further narrow the employment goals of each participant. This seminar will help each participant to understand their personal “style,” its strengths and weaknesses and how to interact with other “styles.” Knowing yourself and how you relate best to others is another critical piece in finding the “right fit” that is sustainable in the long term.

Assessment 6: Transferable Skills Assessments

Motivation is a key to successful job placement and job maintenance. This session will help participants to more fully understand their transferrable skills and their awareness of their motivation to complete certain job specific tasks. This is the final piece in understanding how the spheres of influence impact job choice and job sustainability.

Session 7: Putting it all Together

In this concluding session, participants will be assisted to complete a resume and list of employment objectives using all the information collected in the previous sessions. A template will be provided and all of the assessment information from the previous six sessions will be incorporated into a working resume that will clearly reflect the direction, interests, skills and abilities of each participant.

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