For Employers

Are you having trouble recruiting long-term employees, for part-time or even full-time positions? Are you struggling with finding employees for specific tasks?

We work with highly qualified and dependable candidates that can be the perfect solution to your company’s needs.

If you have hired a person with a disability, we can provide on the job assistance, as well as job maintenance.

On-the-Job Assistance

On-the-job assistance includes job coaching and on-site task analysis. The coach provides on the job support, training, assessment, and guidance. The coach works side-by-side with the new employee initially to ensure a smooth transition into the new position. The coach models strategies to increase workload productivity, implement safe work practices, and effectively organize job tasks. The coach also provides ongoing encouragement, feedback, and guidance. The coach will problem solve with the employee when obstacles are encountered. The coach facilitates communication between the employee and the employer when needed. When the employee has mastered the requirements of the job, the coach will supervise until the employee is ready to work independently.

Job Maintenance

If your employee is eligible for job maintenance, we can arrange for any accommodations and supports necessary for your employee to continue working.  We can also monitor your employee’s transition into the new job by following up with them and providing effective feedback for a more conducive working experience.  We can supply the employee with other supports that may be necessary as well.

If you are considering hiring an employee with a disability, we can provide candidates with unpaid work experience contracts, guided job shadowing or create a job that incorporates specific job duties to meet the specific needs of your company.

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